April 17, 2019 5:10 am Published by AMIP: Presentation Brief The Moroccan Association of Pharmaceutical Industry (AMIP) is a non-profit association, born on October 10, 1985. Its mission is to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a framwork for meetings and debates. Historical association that is more than 30 years old and unavoidable interlocutor of the supervisory authorities and professional institutions and organizations. It is a plural association representing the Moroccan pharmaceutical industry, with national laboratories and multinationals Its members represent nearly 75% of turnover of the Moroccan pharmaceutical industry. The Association’s missions cover a wide range of fields ranging from the defense of the members’ economic interests to the promotion of the links of confraternity with the whole of the professionals of the health, the regulatory watch, through the commitment in favor of improving health in Morocco.

AMIP: Missions, and Activities The role of AMIP, among its main missions:
• Represent its members at national and international institutions
• Work for compliance with the laws and regulations that govern or are likely to governing the profession as well as the respect of the deontology of professional practices.
• Study the main economic, social, ecological, technical, financial, fiscal and customs issues and propose possible solutions
• Keep in touch with all other national and international groups or associations.
• Organize all meetings, seminars, debates, and generally all events related directly or indirectly to its purpose.
• Encourage its members to invest in research and development, by organizing seminars and supporting them in the search for financing innovative projects.

AMIP: Commitment to Training AMIP is convinced that training, for a better qualification, remains an uninterrupted ambition.

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